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mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock Class Reference

RealTimeClock for linux-systems. More...

#include <mitkLinuxRealTimeClock.h>

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Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacro (mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock, mitk::RealTimeClock)
Pointer Clone () const
 LinuxRealTimeClock ()
 basic contructor More...
 ~LinuxRealTimeClock () override
 basic contructor More...
double GetCurrentStamp () override
 returns the current time in milliseconds as a double More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::RealTimeClock
 mitkClassMacroItkParent (RealTimeClock, itk::Object)

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::RealTimeClock
static Pointer New (void)
 instanciates a new, operating-system dependant, instance of mitk::RealTimeClock. More...

Detailed Description

RealTimeClock for linux-systems.

This class provides realtimeclock for linux-systems. It uses gettimeofday to acquire a current time-value as accurately as possible.

Returns the current time since the Epoch (01.01.1970) in milliseconds as a double

Definition at line 33 of file mitkLinuxRealTimeClock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LinuxRealTimeClock()

mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::LinuxRealTimeClock ( )

basic contructor

◆ ~LinuxRealTimeClock()

mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::~LinuxRealTimeClock ( )

basic contructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

Pointer mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::Clone ( ) const

◆ GetCurrentStamp()

double mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::GetCurrentStamp ( )

returns the current time in milliseconds as a double

Implements mitk::RealTimeClock.

◆ mitkClassMacro()

mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::mitkClassMacro ( mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::LinuxRealTimeClock::New ( )

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