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QmitkMouseModeSwitcher Class Reference

Qt toolbar representing mitk::MouseModeSwitcher. More...

#include <QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h>

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Public Types

typedef mitk::MouseModeSwitcher::MouseMode MouseMode

Public Slots

void setMouseModeSwitcher (mitk::MouseModeSwitcher *)
 Connect to non-GUI class. More...


void MouseModeSelected (MouseMode id)
 Mode activated. More...

Public Member Functions

 QmitkMouseModeSwitcher (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 ~QmitkMouseModeSwitcher () override

Protected Slots

void OnMouseModeChangedViaButton ()
void addButton (MouseMode id, const QString &toolName, const QIcon &icon, bool on=false)

Protected Member Functions

void OnMouseModeChangedViaCommand (const itk::EventObject &)

Protected Attributes

QActionGroup * m_ActionGroup
unsigned long m_ObserverTag
bool m_ActionButtonBlocked

Detailed Description

Qt toolbar representing mitk::MouseModeSwitcher.

Provides buttons for the interaction modes defined in mitk::MouseModeSwitcher and communicates with this non-graphical class.

Can be used in a GUI to provide a mouse mode selector to the user.

Definition at line 32 of file QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MouseMode

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QmitkMouseModeSwitcher()

QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::QmitkMouseModeSwitcher ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~QmitkMouseModeSwitcher()

QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::~QmitkMouseModeSwitcher ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addButton

void QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::addButton ( MouseMode  id,
const QString &  toolName,
const QIcon &  icon,
bool  on = false 

◆ MouseModeSelected

void QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::MouseModeSelected ( MouseMode  id)

Mode activated.

This signal is needed for other GUI element to react appropriately. Sadly this is needed to provide "normal" functionality of QmitkStdMultiWidget, because this must enable/disable automatic reaction of SliceNavigationControllers to mouse clicks - depending on which mode is active.

◆ OnMouseModeChangedViaButton

void QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::OnMouseModeChangedViaButton ( )

◆ OnMouseModeChangedViaCommand()

void QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::OnMouseModeChangedViaCommand ( const itk::EventObject &  )

◆ setMouseModeSwitcher

void QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::setMouseModeSwitcher ( mitk::MouseModeSwitcher )

Connect to non-GUI class.

When a button is pressed, given mitk::MouseModeSwitcher is informed to adapt interactors.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_ActionButtonBlocked

bool QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::m_ActionButtonBlocked

Definition at line 81 of file QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h.

◆ m_ActionGroup

QActionGroup* QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::m_ActionGroup

Definition at line 76 of file QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h.

◆ m_MouseModeSwitcher

mitk::MouseModeSwitcher* QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::m_MouseModeSwitcher

Definition at line 77 of file QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h.

◆ m_ObserverTag

unsigned long QmitkMouseModeSwitcher::m_ObserverTag

Definition at line 79 of file QmitkMouseModeSwitcher.h.

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