Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
IGT Navigation Module


Navigation modules consist of IGT (Tracking devices), US (Ultrasound) and TOF (3D range imaging) modules. Each module is separated into UI dependent and independent modules (e.g. IGT and IGTUI module). The navigation modules are based on the OpenCVVideoSupport modules and OpenIGTLink modules. In addition, there is the basic module IGTBase, which holds general functionality for all navigation modules.

Most navigation modules support hardware devices. A current list of all supported devices can be found here: Hardware Support.

IGT modules

The module IGT integrates image guided therapy (IGT) functionality to MITK. The main features of MITK-IGT are:

  • handling and processing of medical imaging data which is available through MITK itself
  • support of tracking devices
  • a concept for processing tracking data

MITK-IGT consists of two layers for hardware control (Tracking Layer) and processing of tracking data (Navigation Layer). Additionally it offers components for rapid development of graphicalt user interfaces (GUIs) of navigation applications. To separate UI functionality from the rest of the code UI classes are encapsulated in the separate module IGT-UI.

The IGT documentation contains the following pages:

US modules

TOF modules

The ToF Tutorial

An explanation on how to create a TOF Module can be found here: