Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
OpenCL Module

The MITK OpenCL Module provides a basic class structure to allow usage of OpenCL-accelerated parallel computing.

Build Instructions

The MITK OpenCL module needs an OpenCL Device ( most likely a graphics card, but works also on some CPUs ) and the corresponding driver. Furthermore the OpenCL library and the headers are needed. A list of supported hardware is provided by . For the driver and the libraries please look at the support pages of the hardware manufacturer. Quick Links to the most likely of them:

To activate the module, you have to activate the CMake option


The build system tries to find the OpenCL library and the include path automatically. If this attempt failes, you will be prompted to manually specify following variables:


Detailed description

For own implementations, the OpenCL Module allows for building up a filtering pipeline in MITK Style ( see more in Pipelining Concept ). The OpenCL filter can be simply connected also to an existing MITK image filtering pipeline since the mitk::OclImageToImageFilter provide a SetInput and GetOutput methods expecting an mitk::Image and returning it respectively.


Here is a list of examples: