Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2021.10.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitk::FeatureID Struct Reference

#include <mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h>

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Public Types

using ParametersType = std::map< std::string, us::Any >

Public Member Functions

bool operator< (const FeatureID &rh) const
bool operator== (const FeatureID &rh) const

Public Attributes

std::string name
std::string featureClass
std::string settingID
std::string legacyName
std::string version
ParametersType parameters

Detailed Description

Used as ID for features calculated by feature classes

Definition at line 38 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParametersType

using mitk::FeatureID::ParametersType = std::map<std::string, us::Any>

Definition at line 51 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool mitk::FeatureID::operator< ( const FeatureID rh) const

◆ operator==()

bool mitk::FeatureID::operator== ( const FeatureID rh) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ featureClass

std::string mitk::FeatureID::featureClass

Name of the feature class

Definition at line 43 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

◆ legacyName

std::string mitk::FeatureID::legacyName

Alternative name that containes the legacy naming of the feature that encodes the parametersetting directly in the string.

Definition at line 47 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

◆ name

std::string mitk::FeatureID::name

Name of the feature

Definition at line 41 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

◆ parameters

ParametersType mitk::FeatureID::parameters

Definition at line 52 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

◆ settingID

std::string mitk::FeatureID::settingID

ID for the setting that is represented by parameters and is specified by the feature class while calculating the features. It must be as unique as the parameters themself.

Definition at line 45 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

◆ version

std::string mitk::FeatureID::version

Version of the feature definition

Definition at line 49 of file mitkAbstractGlobalImageFeature.h.

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