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mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController Class Reference

#include <mitkSurfaceBasedInterpolationController.h>

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Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacroItkParent (SurfaceBasedInterpolationController, itk::Object)
Pointer Clone () const
void AddNewContour (ContourModel::Pointer newContour, RestorePlanePositionOperation *op)
void Interpolate ()
mitk::Surface::Pointer GetInterpolationResult ()
void SetMinSpacing (double minSpacing)
void SetMaxSpacing (double maxSpacing)
void SetDistanceImageVolume (unsigned int value)
void SetWorkingImage (Image *workingImage)
SurfaceGetContoursAsSurface ()
void SetActiveLabel (int activeLabel)
mitk::ImageGetImage ()
double EstimatePortionOfNeededMemory ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
static SurfaceBasedInterpolationControllerGetInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 SurfaceBasedInterpolationController ()
 ~SurfaceBasedInterpolationController () override
void Initialize ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file mitkSurfaceBasedInterpolationController.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SurfaceBasedInterpolationController()

mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController ( )

◆ ~SurfaceBasedInterpolationController()

mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::~SurfaceBasedInterpolationController ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNewContour()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::AddNewContour ( ContourModel::Pointer  newContour,
RestorePlanePositionOperation op 

Adds a new extracted contour to the list

◆ Clone()

Pointer mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::Clone ( ) const

◆ EstimatePortionOfNeededMemory()

double mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::EstimatePortionOfNeededMemory ( )

Estimates the memory that is needed to build up the equation system for the interpolation.

The percentage of the real memory which will be used by the interpolation calculation

◆ GetContoursAsSurface()

Surface* mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::GetContoursAsSurface ( )

Retrieves the input contours as a mitk::Surface

◆ GetImage()

mitk::Image* mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::GetImage ( )

◆ GetInstance()

static SurfaceBasedInterpolationController* mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::GetInstance ( )

◆ GetInterpolationResult()

mitk::Surface::Pointer mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::GetInterpolationResult ( )

Retrieves a surface mesh resulting from the interpolation of the given extracted contours.

◆ Initialize()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::Initialize ( )

◆ Interpolate()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::Interpolate ( )

Launches the interpolation method. A surface mesh is generated out of the given extracted contours.

◆ mitkClassMacroItkParent()

mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::mitkClassMacroItkParent ( SurfaceBasedInterpolationController  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::New ( )

◆ SetActiveLabel()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SetActiveLabel ( int  activeLabel)

Sets the current list of contour points which is used for the surface interpolation

activeLabelThe active label in the current working image

◆ SetDistanceImageVolume()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SetDistanceImageVolume ( unsigned int  value)

Sets the volume i.e. the number of pixels that the distance image should have By evaluation we found out that 50.000 pixel delivers a good result

◆ SetMaxSpacing()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SetMaxSpacing ( double  maxSpacing)

Sets the minimum spacing of the current selected segmentation This is needed since the contour points we reduced before, are used to interpolate the surface

◆ SetMinSpacing()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SetMinSpacing ( double  minSpacing)

Sets the minimum spacing of the current selected segmentation This is needed since the contour points we reduced before, are used to interpolate the surface

◆ SetWorkingImage()

void mitk::SurfaceBasedInterpolationController::SetWorkingImage ( Image workingImage)

Sets the working image used by the interpolation method. This is needed because the calculation of the normals needs to now wheather a normal points toward the inside of a segmentation or not

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