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mitk::FileWriterSelector Class Reference

#include <mitkFileWriterSelector.h>


class  Item

Public Member Functions

 FileWriterSelector (const FileWriterSelector &other)
 FileWriterSelector (const BaseData *baseData, const std::string &destMimeType=std::string(), const std::string &path=std::string())
 ~FileWriterSelector ()
FileWriterSelectoroperator= (const FileWriterSelector &other)
bool IsEmpty () const
std::vector< ItemGet (const std::string &mimeType) const
 Get a sorted list of file writer info objects. More...
std::vector< ItemGet () const
 Get a sorted list of file writer info objects. More...
Item Get (long id) const
Item GetDefault () const
long GetDefaultId () const
Item GetSelected () const
long GetSelectedId () const
bool Select (const std::string &mimeType)
bool Select (const Item &item)
bool Select (long id)
std::vector< MimeTypeGetMimeTypes () const
void Swap (FileWriterSelector &fws)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file mitkFileWriterSelector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FileWriterSelector() [1/2]

mitk::FileWriterSelector::FileWriterSelector ( const FileWriterSelector other)

◆ FileWriterSelector() [2/2]

mitk::FileWriterSelector::FileWriterSelector ( const BaseData baseData,
const std::string &  destMimeType = std::string(),
const std::string &  path = std::string() 

◆ ~FileWriterSelector()

mitk::FileWriterSelector::~FileWriterSelector ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Get() [1/3]

std::vector<Item> mitk::FileWriterSelector::Get ( const std::string &  mimeType) const

Get a sorted list of file writer info objects.

  1. Confidence level (ascending)
  2. File Writer service ranking (ascending)

This means the best matching item is at the back of the returned container.


◆ Get() [2/3]

std::vector<Item> mitk::FileWriterSelector::Get ( ) const

Get a sorted list of file writer info objects.

The returned objects will have the same mime-type as the currently selected item.

Ordered list of file writer items.

◆ Get() [3/3]

Item mitk::FileWriterSelector::Get ( long  id) const

◆ GetDefault()

Item mitk::FileWriterSelector::GetDefault ( ) const

◆ GetDefaultId()

long mitk::FileWriterSelector::GetDefaultId ( ) const

◆ GetMimeTypes()

std::vector<MimeType> mitk::FileWriterSelector::GetMimeTypes ( ) const

◆ GetSelected()

Item mitk::FileWriterSelector::GetSelected ( ) const

◆ GetSelectedId()

long mitk::FileWriterSelector::GetSelectedId ( ) const

◆ IsEmpty()

bool mitk::FileWriterSelector::IsEmpty ( ) const

◆ operator=()

FileWriterSelector& mitk::FileWriterSelector::operator= ( const FileWriterSelector other)

◆ Select() [1/3]

bool mitk::FileWriterSelector::Select ( const std::string &  mimeType)

◆ Select() [2/3]

bool mitk::FileWriterSelector::Select ( const Item item)

◆ Select() [3/3]

bool mitk::FileWriterSelector::Select ( long  id)

◆ Swap()

void mitk::FileWriterSelector::Swap ( FileWriterSelector fws)

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