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berry::IExtensionPointFilter Struct Reference

#include <berryIExtensionPointFilter.h>


struct  Concept

Public Member Functions

 IExtensionPointFilter (const Concept *concept)
bool IsNull () const
const ConceptGetConcept () const
bool Matches (const IExtensionPoint *target) const

Detailed Description

A filter compares the given object to some pattern and returns true if the two match and false otherwise.

This interface may be implemented by clients, however factory methods are available on IExtensionTracker.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IExtensionPointFilter()

berry::IExtensionPointFilter::IExtensionPointFilter ( const Concept concept)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ GetConcept()

const IExtensionPointFilter::Concept * berry::IExtensionPointFilter::GetConcept ( ) const

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◆ IsNull()

bool berry::IExtensionPointFilter::IsNull ( ) const

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◆ Matches()

bool berry::IExtensionPointFilter::Matches ( const IExtensionPoint target) const

Return true if the given object matches the criteria for this filter.

targetthe object to match
true if the target matches this filter and false otherwise

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