Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2018.4.99-12ad79a3
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
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 An Overview
 User Manual
 The MITK User Manual
 Using MITK and Applications
 MITK Plugin Manuals
 MITK Perspective Manuals
 MITK MiniApps
 Developer Manual
 Starting your MITK Development
 MITK Concepts
 MITK Module Manuals
 Developing with the MITK Application Framework
 Deploying MITK
 IGT Concepts
 IGT Tutorial Overview
 IGT filter pipeline
 IGT Visualization Filter and MITK Concepts
 IGT QT Tutorial
 Tracking Lab
 A deeper look into the IGT Plugins
 OpenIGTLink Tutorial
 How To Implement A Tracking Device
 The ChartExample
 The Pausmotioncompensation
 The spectral unmixing (SU) plugin
 MITK Phenotyping
 GUI based Radiomics Tutorial
 Image Transformations
 Mask Processing
 Image Arithmetrics
 Radiomics Statistic
 The Basic Image Processing Plugin
 The MatchPoint Algorithm Browser View
 The MatchPoint Algorithm Control View
 The MatchPoint Registration Evaluation View
 The MatchPoint Registration Manipulator View
 The MatchPoint Image Mapper View
 The MatchPoint Registration Visualizer View
 The MatchPoint Registration Batch Processor View
 The Multilabel Segmentation View
 The Segmentation Plugin
 The Segmentation Utilities View
 MITK MiniApps
 MITK Basic Image Processing Mini Apps
 MITK Classification Mini Apps
 Deprecated List