Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2018.4.99-1640525a
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The Segmentation Utilities View
Icon of the Segmentation Utilities View
The Segmentation Utilities view


The Segmentation Utilities View allows you to postprocess existing segmentations

Image Selection

Usually the data selection in the Segmentation Utilities View is done via drop down box which let you just select the appropriate data.

Boolean Operations

Boolean operations allow you to create the

  • Union: Combines two existing segmentations
  • Intersection: Keeps just the overlapping areas of two existing segmentations
  • Difference: Subtracts one segmentation from the other

of two segmentations. The selected segmentations must have the same geometry (size, spacing, ...)

Boolean operations of the SegmentationUtlitiesView

Image masking

You can mask your grey value image with either an existing segmentation or a surface. The result will be an image containing only the pixels that are cover by the respective mask.

Image masking widget of the Segmentation Utilities View

Morphological Operators

The morphological operators are applied to a single segmentation image. Based on a given structuring element the underlying segmentation will be modfied. MITK provides a ball and a cross as structuring elements. The follow operators are at your disposal:

  • Dilation: Each labeled pixel within the segmentation will be dilated based on the selected structuring element
  • Erosion: Each labeled pixel within the segmentation will be eroded based on the selected structuring element
  • Opening: A dilation followed by an erosion, used for smoothing edges or eliminating small objects
  • Closing An erosion followed by an dilation, used for filling small holes
  • Fill Holes Fills bigger holes within a segmentation
Morphological operators widget of the Segmentation Utilities View

Surface to binary image

This widget lets you fill you meshes into an empty binary image. It is required that a reference grey value image is present. The created binary image will have the same geometrical properties like the reference image

Surface to image widget of the Segmentation Utilities View