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ctkPluginFramework Class Reference

#include <Libs/PluginFramework/ctkPluginFramework.h>

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Public Member Functions

QHash< QString, QString > getHeaders ()
QByteArray getResource (const QString &path) const
QStringList getResourceList (const QString &path) const
void init ()
void start (const ctkPlugin::StartOptions &options=0)

Protected Member Functions

 ctkPluginFramework (ctkPluginFrameworkContext *fw)


class ctkPluginFrameworkContext

Detailed Description

A ctkPluginFramework instance. A ctkPluginFramework is also known as a System Plugin.

ctkPluginFramework instances are created using a ctkPluginFrameworkFactory. The methods of this class can be used to manage and control the created plugin framework instance.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ctkPluginFramework::ctkPluginFramework ( ctkPluginFrameworkContext *  fw  )  [protected]

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Member Function Documentation

QHash< QString, QString > ctkPluginFramework::getHeaders (  )  [virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from ctkPlugin.

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QByteArray ctkPluginFramework::getResource ( const QString &  path  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from ctkPlugin.

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QStringList ctkPluginFramework::getResourceList ( const QString &  path  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from ctkPlugin.

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void ctkPluginFramework::init (  ) 

Initialize this ctkPluginFramework. After calling this method, this ctkPluginFramework must:

  • Be in the STARTING state.
  • Have a valid Plugin Context.
  • Be at start level 0.
  • Have event handling enabled.
  • Have create ctkPlugin objects for all installed plugins.
  • Have registered any framework services.

This ctkPluginFramework will not actually be started until start is called.

This method does nothing if called when this ctkPluginFramework is in the STARTING, ACTIVE or STOPPING states.

ctkPluginException If this ctkPluginFramework could not be initialized.

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void ctkPluginFramework::start ( const ctkPlugin::StartOptions &  options = 0  ) 

Start this ctkPluginFramework.

The following steps are taken to start this ctkPluginFramework:

  1. If this ctkPluginFramework is not in the STARTING state, initialize this ctkPluginFramework.
  2. All installed plugins must be started in accordance with each plugin's persistent autostart setting. This means some plugins will not be started, some will be started with lazy activation and some will be started with their declared activation policy. Any exceptions that occur during plugin starting must be wrapped in a ctkPluginException and then published as a plugin framework event of type ctkPluginFrameworkEvent::ERROR
  3. This PluinFramework's state is set to ACTIVE.
  4. A plugin framework event of type ctkPluginFrameworkEvent::STARTED is fired
options Ignored. There are no start options for the ctkPluginFramework.
ctkPluginException If this ctkPluginFramework could not be started.

Definition at line 58 of file ctkPluginFramework.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ctkPluginFrameworkContext [friend]

Reimplemented from ctkPlugin.

Definition at line 116 of file ctkPluginFramework.h.

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