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ctkDICOMIndexer Class Reference

#include <Libs/DICOM/Core/ctkDICOMIndexer.h>

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void addDirectory (QSqlDatabase database, const QString &directoryName, const QString &destinationDirectoryName="")
 add directory to database and optionally copy files to destinationDirectory
 ctkDICOMIndexer ()
void refreshDatabase (QSqlDatabase database, const QString &directoryName)
virtual ~ctkDICOMIndexer ()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ctkDICOMIndexer::ctkDICOMIndexer (  )  [explicit]

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ctkDICOMIndexer::~ctkDICOMIndexer (  )  [virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

void ctkDICOMIndexer::addDirectory ( QSqlDatabase  database,
const QString &  directoryName,
const QString &  destinationDirectoryName = "" 

add directory to database and optionally copy files to destinationDirectory

these are for optimizing the import of image sequences since most information are identical for all slices

first we check if the file is already in the database

we check only patients with the same PatientID PatientID is not unique in DICOM, so we also compare Name and BirthDate and assume this is sufficient

found it

keep this for the next image

Definition at line 88 of file ctkDICOMIndexer.cpp.

void ctkDICOMIndexer::refreshDatabase ( QSqlDatabase  database,
const QString &  directoryName 

get all filenames from the database

Definition at line 403 of file ctkDICOMIndexer.cpp.

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