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ctkPythonShell Class Reference

#include <Libs/Scripting/Python/Widgets/ctkPythonShell.h>

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struct  pqImplementation

Public Types

typedef QWidget Superclass

Public Slots

void clear ()
void executeScript (const QString &)


void executing (bool)

Public Member Functions

 ctkPythonShell (ctkAbstractPythonManager *pythonManager, QWidget *_parent=0)
QStringList getPythonAttributes (const QString &pythonVariableName)
 Calls MakeCurrent in the internal vtkPVPythonInteractiveInterpretor instance.
void printMessage (const QString &)
 Prints some text on the shell.
 ~ctkPythonShell ()

Protected Slots

void onExecuteCommand (const QString &)
void printStderr (const QString &)
void printStdout (const QString &)

Private Member Functions

 ctkPythonShell (const ctkPythonShell &)
void internalExecuteCommand (const QString &)
ctkPythonShelloperator= (const ctkPythonShell &)
void promptForInput ()

Private Attributes

pqImplementation *const Implementation

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file ctkPythonShell.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QWidget ctkPythonShell::Superclass

Definition at line 77 of file ctkPythonShell.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ctkPythonShell::ctkPythonShell ( ctkAbstractPythonManager pythonManager,
QWidget *  _parent = 0 

Definition at line 246 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

ctkPythonShell::~ctkPythonShell (  ) 

Definition at line 284 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

ctkPythonShell::ctkPythonShell ( const ctkPythonShell  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void ctkPythonShell::clear (  )  [slot]

Definition at line 290 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::executeScript ( const QString &  script  )  [slot]

Definition at line 309 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::executing ( bool   )  [signal]
QStringList ctkPythonShell::getPythonAttributes ( const QString &  pythonVariableName  ) 

Calls MakeCurrent in the internal vtkPVPythonInteractiveInterpretor instance.

Calls ReleaseControl in the internal vtkPVPythonInteractiveInterpretor instance Given a python variable name, lookup its attributes and return them in a string list.

Definition at line 322 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::internalExecuteCommand ( const QString &  command  )  [private]

Definition at line 442 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::onExecuteCommand ( const QString &  Command  )  [protected, slot]

Definition at line 419 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

ctkPythonShell& ctkPythonShell::operator= ( const ctkPythonShell  )  [private]
void ctkPythonShell::printMessage ( const QString &  text  ) 

Prints some text on the shell.

Initializes the interpretor. If an interpretor is already setup (by an earlier call to this method), it will be destroyed.

Definition at line 397 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::printStderr ( const QString &  text  )  [protected, slot]

Definition at line 407 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::printStdout ( const QString &  text  )  [protected, slot]

Definition at line 385 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

void ctkPythonShell::promptForInput (  )  [private]

Definition at line 436 of file ctkPythonShell.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 120 of file ctkPythonShell.h.

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