ctkDICOM Class Reference

#include <Libs/DICOM/Core/ctkDICOM.h>

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Public Types

typedef QObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

void closeDatabase ()
 ctkDICOM (QObject *parent=0)
const QSqlDatabase & database () const
const QString & GetLastError () const
bool initializeDatabase (const char *schemaFile=":/dicom/dicom-schema.sql")
virtual void openDatabase (const QString &file)
virtual ~ctkDICOM ()

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QObject ctkDICOM::Superclass

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ctkDICOM::ctkDICOM ( QObject *  parent = 0  )  [explicit]

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ctkDICOM::~ctkDICOM (  )  [virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

void ctkDICOM::closeDatabase (  ) 

close the database. It must not be used afterwards.

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const QSqlDatabase & ctkDICOM::database (  )  const

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const QString & ctkDICOM::GetLastError (  )  const

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bool ctkDICOM::initializeDatabase ( const char *  schemaFile = ":/dicom/dicom-schema.sql"  ) 

delete all data and reinitialize the database.

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void ctkDICOM::openDatabase ( const QString &  file  )  [virtual]

open the SQLite database in

file. If the file does not exist, a new database is created and initialized with the default schema

Definition at line 71 of file ctkDICOM.cpp.

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