ctkDICOMQuery Class Reference

#include <Libs/DICOM/Core/ctkDICOMQuery.h>

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Public Member Functions

const QString & calledAETitle ()
const QString & callingAETitle ()
 ctkDICOMQuery ()
int port ()
void query (QSqlDatabase database, QString callingAETitle, QString calledAETitle, int port)
 Query a remote DICOM Image Store SCP.
void setCalledAETitle (QString calledAETitle)
void setCallingAETitle (QString callingAETitle)
 Set methods for connectivity.
void setPort (int port)
virtual ~ctkDICOMQuery ()


QString calledAETitle
QString callingAETitle
int port

Private Member Functions


Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file ctkDICOMQuery.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ctkDICOMQuery::ctkDICOMQuery (  )  [explicit]

Definition at line 83 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

ctkDICOMQuery::~ctkDICOMQuery (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 88 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const QString& ctkDICOMQuery::calledAETitle (  ) 
const QString& ctkDICOMQuery::callingAETitle (  ) 
ctkDICOMQuery::CTK_DECLARE_PRIVATE ( ctkDICOMQuery   )  [private]
int ctkDICOMQuery::port (  ) 
void ctkDICOMQuery::query ( QSqlDatabase  database,
QString  callingAETitle,
QString  calledAETitle,
int  port 

Query a remote DICOM Image Store SCP.

Definition at line 127 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

void ctkDICOMQuery::setCalledAETitle ( QString  calledAETitle  ) 

Definition at line 103 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

void ctkDICOMQuery::setCallingAETitle ( QString  callingAETitle  ) 

Set methods for connectivity.

Definition at line 93 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

void ctkDICOMQuery::setPort ( int  port  ) 

Definition at line 113 of file ctkDICOMQuery.cpp.

Property Documentation

const QString & ctkDICOMQuery::calledAETitle [read, write]

Definition at line 37 of file ctkDICOMQuery.h.

const QString & ctkDICOMQuery::callingAETitle [read, write]

Definition at line 37 of file ctkDICOMQuery.h.

int ctkDICOMQuery::port [read, write]

Definition at line 38 of file ctkDICOMQuery.h.

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