The DICOM Browser Module

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The DICOM Browser is a module for the management of DICOM folders. DICOM studies and series are searched in a set of user selected folder, and are presented. Any series presented can be directly loaded into the MITK application through a mouse click.


The DICOM Browser scans user selected folders and stores the DICOM information found in a local Database (DB). There are two kinds of DB: the "permanent" one and the "temporary" one. The permanent DB contains DICOM information from folders inserted by the users in the preferences menu (accessed through "Window->Preferences->DICOMBrowser" or "Show Preferences"button). This DB is always reloaded when the application restarts, and is the best way to manage local DICOM folders. However, when dealing with removable media, like a CD-ROM for example, the best way is to index it through the "Temporary Dir." button: it will immediately scan the folder and add the data to the "temporary" DB, allowing the DICOM data found to be immediately load into the application. The data contained in the "temporary" DB is erased every time the application restarts or the user selects a new "temporary" directory.

Folders that should be managed by the DICOM Browser module are added and removed by accessing the DICOM Browser preferences menu in "Window->Preferences->DICOMBrowser" or by pressing "Show Preferences".

By pressing "Refresh DB", the folders contained in the preferences menu are scanned, and all DICOM studies found are shown in the left window. Pressing "Stop Refresh" at any time during the folder scan process will immediately stop it.

A double-click on any study presented in the left window will present the contained series in the right window. Double-clicking on any series will automatically load it to the MITK application.

An status indication is presented in the top-right part of the module's window. It indicates the current behavior of the module. The messages "DB connect" and "Loading directory ..." indicate a correct behavior of the module. If the messages "Refresh failed!" or "DB NOT connected!" are shown, it means that some error has occurred, and is probably due to the fact that the main MITK application could not find and auxiliary application (DicomIndexer) that actually performs the folder scans.

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